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LBY has successively reserved and began to develop in such provinces and cities as Qingdao, Nanjing, Guizhou, Chongqing, Jilin and Chengdu real estate programs, such as comprehensive shopping center, high-end residential areas, endowment properties, characteristic hotels for leisure, etc., with the Fifth Engineering Bureau of China City Construction Group Co., Ltd. (CCCC) and its affiliated real estate companies as the main body.

At present, LBY is responding to the appeal by our country and discussing with local governments of many area about the investment, development and operation of PPP program. In 2015, LBY successfully won the bidding in Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone in Shenzhen (SSCZ) Hou Men Leisure Community program, the main body of which was jointly established by CCCC, SSCZ Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and SSCZ Industrial Fund Bank. The program includes the construction and operation of Hou Men fishing ports and the construction of wedding plaza, Lingnan Impression High-end Residence, public outdoor bathing place and surrounding environmental landscapes, jetty, cruise terminals and supporting road networks, with the support of marine reclamation land.


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